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Founded in 2005 Hibyte is a professional software engineering firm specializing in java consulting for business and government. We spezialize in java frameworks built upon open soruce technologies as well as licensed software from Pega systems. Our solutions reduce overhead with automated and continious delivery, deployment and testing to mention a few.

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We work with java technology to provide robust and scalable software that support your companys high requirements

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System architecture

We ensure that your IT architecture is micro-services oriented. This immediately enables you to monetize your digital assets by publishing and licensing APIs. Not only does this enhance revenue growth, but it also leads to improved customer relations and collaboration in supplier and partner ecosystems.

Performance and security

A projects primary priority is often to deliver operational objectives where non functional requirements are important but not always get the right attention. We analyze requirements, architecture and usage patterns and load the system with huge traffic (usually douple the peak load) to find the bottlenecks. We exhaust the system over time to find out if there are any leaks in memory or other resources.

Devops and automation

It departments usually spend a lot of time doing repetitive tasks when doing deployment and deliveries which is costly and timeconsuming also increases the risk of something going wrong in the process due to human misstakes. We use standard tools and api:s to automate these tasks letting developers and sysadmins save time.

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